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A step-by-step course designed for beginners to master the essentials of HTML.A step-by-step course designed for beginners to master the essentials of HTML.

JavaScript Mastery Course 2.0

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Start Date: 10 June 2024

Duration: 4 weeks

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I asked you guys what issues you were facing...

I understand concepts clearly but while writing the code I am facing difficulty
Deep explanation is missing from many tutorials
I find it hard to get sources for advanced and interview level concepts of JS
Understand the theory but struggle with practical and applying
Not knowing where to implement learned stuffs as a complete beginner
I don't know where to find advanced topics
When trying to implement the code, it's difficult
No idea how to start
I don't know how it works under the hood
I'm stuck in tutorial hell

So that I can build the perfect course for you!

What's covered?

JavaScript Fundamentals

  • Let vs Const vs Var: Understand variable scopes, declarations, and best practices.
  • Truthy & Falsy Values: Learn how values are coerced into boolean contexts.
  • Short Circuit Evaluation: Utilize logical operators for efficient code.
  • Type Equality & Coercion: Compare == vs. === and implicit type conversion.
  • Pass by Value vs Pass by Reference: Explore how JavaScript handles data passing.
  • Autoboxing & Primitive Wrapper Objects: Discuss how primitives work under the hood.
  • Advanced Array Methods: Master methods like forEach, map, filter, and reduce.

Advanced Functions & Objects

  • Function Hoisting: Discover the behavior of functions in execution context.
  • Immediately Invoked Function Expressions (IIFEs): Learn to execute functions immediately.
  • Closures: Understand how closed-over variable environments work
  • Callback Functions: Implement asynchronous code with callbacks.
  • Constructor Functions: Create objects dynamically.
  • Objects and Prototypes: Delve into the prototype chain.
  • Classes & Inheritance: Understand syntactical sugar over JavaScript's prototype-based inheritance.

Modern JavaScript

  • ECMAScript Updates: Stay current with the latest standards.
  • Symbols, BigInts, Sets, Maps:: Learn new data types introduced in ES6+.
  • Other ES6+ Features: Dive into Spread, Rest, Destructuring, Nullish Coalescing, Optional Chaining, Arrow Functions, Modules.
  • Iterators & Generators, Proxy and Reflect:: Explore advanced functionality.

Advanced JavaScript

  • Synchronous vs Asynchronous: Differentiate between blocking and non-blocking code.
  • JavaScript Engine & Environment: Understand core components like V8 or SpiderMonkey.
  • Timers and Event Loop: Grasp the JavaScript runtime environment.
  • Execution Context and 'this' keyword: Learn context determination and function binding.
  • Static vs Dynamic Typing: Introduction to TypeScript for type safety.
  • JIT Compilation and Memory Management: Optimize performance and resource management.


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Canvas Based Snake Game

Course Details

Start Date: 10 June 2024

Duration: 4 weeks

Live Doubt Sessions: Sundays 6:30PM IST (Mostly)

Recorded Content Access: Lifetime